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Office 366 April updates

Office 365 has had a good year so far. As well as numerous service updates, and a whole new portal in, the profile of Office 365 has soared as a result of Microsoft launching Office for the iPad (which requires an Office 365 subscription to edit documents). But the Office 365 team aren’t resting on their laurels. Read More

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3 reasons why Microsoft Azure fits for your start-up

Since Satya Nadella was positioned on the hottest chair at Microsoft, there have been lots of opportunities for entrepreneur-minded people who want to make something happen in life.  A to-do list containing what you need to prepare initially coming to your desk one day makes you feel frustrated at some points. Among them, development environment is always a burden. Every night you may get anxious about your budget for hardware you are going to with you team build on. Admittedly money does not come in an easy way. When looking at a variety of hosting options, you may feel like you are a miserly women walking around modern fashion stores in a big shopping centre to just slaver over any of them. The most prominent cloud providers include Amazon EC2, Rackspace, GoGrid, Terremark, Google,  IBM SmartCloud Service, HP Converged Cloud, Microsoft Azure…etc. Other growing kids may include CloudShare, FpWeb, Skytap or so on. Choosing the most suitable provider among these takes a step forward. Read More

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Influence Does Not Equal Popularity


A year ago, I made the somewhat sensational claim that Klout was the most interesting company in the world. My point was not really about Klout, but about the rising importance of understanding, tracking, and measuring social influence within the organization. It’s a topic that I’ve been writing about for over a decade, and one of the topics around which this blog focused when I started it back in 2002 as I began to catalog the various tools and thought-leaders within the space. Read More

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Central Admin: Change colors for safer production environment

You know those days when admins are in CA deleting web applications just having fun … but then the phone rings?  Any users are getting 404?   And somebody just deleted the whole production web application?  Yeah, not fun.  Sad smile Read More

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machine.config in SharePoint Form-based Authentication

I’ve not put my hands on SharePoint for quite a long time since I involved in managing SharePoint team and a few start-up SharePoint-based products as an investor and advisor. This would make technical-focused skills in my brain be fired progressively. Read More

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How to: enable inactivity log out for SharePoint server

Here is the scenario: you want to log out your users from the site if they’re inactive in the browser window for a defined period of this. Below approach will work in the could, SP2010, 2013 since it relies on out of the box features on SharePoint. Read More

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SharePoint People, Let Us Not Forget Why We Are Here

It is a sad fact that there are rather a lot of over-inflated egos in the IT industry. I’m not sure why this is, or if it is like this in every industry.  But when it comes to IT, (and in this case the SharePoint community), I think we need to take a step back and remember a few things.. Read More

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Customers don’t really want fixed price projects, they just think they do

Once upon a time all software projects were delivered according to principles of the Waterfall model. Requirements were gathered, a specification document was created and signed off, and then a system built. Enterprise projects – Intranets, document management systems, and web applications like those built here at Fifty Five – all followed this format. Read More

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How to: change the size of the column in SharePoint list view

Do you know how SharePoint determines the size of the Multiline Text type column for the list view? I don’t think SharePoint knows that either. In essence, Multiline text columns, if there are several of them, seem to get their size from the heading text, so if the text is just one small word – then the entire column and it’s content will be all bunched up in a tiny little column. Read More

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